Investment in tokens vs resources
The first thing we need to confirm is where the investment is going, whether through tokens or actually through resources.

You can read this information directly from the platform (campaign spending minus investment in tokens to calculate the rest) or through a script to see investment and return for each channel.

On the other hand, we offer a quick formula used as a custom column that informs us of the % of campaign interactions that are going to display advertising.

It is not the % of spending, nor the budget distribution because it is calculated based on interactions . Normally, you will see values ​​very close to 0% (nothing but tokens come in) or very close to 100% (if any interactions come in, they will greatly exceed clicks).

max performance optimizations

We can find both cases:

A campaign with a lot of investment but that brings almost German Phone Number List  no return or conversions. We discovered that the investment comes mostly from resources, not from tokens, which is what usually converts in eCommerce.
A campaign with very good data, and we see that most conversions are obtained from resources, with the script added above, and especially from YouTube. Perhaps it is a step to open that specific channel and target it with your own strategy. Or, the most common case we find, almost everything is through brand searches.
Identify product clusters
Just as we can do in any campaign that includes Shopping, we can look at the brands, categories or product groups that perform best. In this way, we can create a different campaign structure depending on performance.

If we identify a category that, for example due to seasonality, displaces the others in conversions, we have an opportunity for growth.

If you find the Shopping interface inconvenient, we recommend that you look at this information from the Google Ads reports . You have the option to save them and analyze them in the future, and you have different graph options that will help you view the data.

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Review resource group performance

One of Google’s new features is the ability to compare results between multiple resource groups in the same campaign. This is not yet available for all accounts.

You can do this from the “resource groups” section, viewing it as a table and adding performance columns.

max performance optimizations
Be careful if you find any surprises, such as a poor ad German Phone Number effectiveness level, but it is the one that has received the most conversions.

Review locations

Create filters to identify domains with strange extensions, from other countries or unreliab