Did you know that today is International Day for Safety and Health at Work? That’s right!

For the 2nd consecutive year, the commemorative date has a less than illustrious presence: the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many companies have adopted the home office work model, while others have adapted to the hybrid work model. However, health and safety are necessary factors in both forms.

Hybrid Model: a new reality?

This work format is based on the best of both worlds, that is, the fusion of the advantages of home office and office.

To this end, the hybrid work model offers the possibility for employees to work a few days at the company headquarters and also directly from home in the same week.

According to a survey conducted by Robert Half , 91% of qualified professionals Pakistan Mobile Number List believe that the future of work will be a combination of days spent working from home and days spent in the office.

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Time to go back: precautions that the office must take

D’Gitais has listed 5 precautions that offices need to take to ensure that they can Hong Kong Phone Number resume physical activities as safely as possible. Scroll down and check it out!


Make the return gradually
Just as is happening in commerce in many cities in Brazil, it is necessary that the return of in-person activities be carried out gradually and responsibly, as advised by health authorities.

You can stagger your team according to the sectors, separating them by specific shifts or even by days. Don’t release the return all at once!


Provide hygiene and prevention materials
As we know, the Covid-19 virus has a high transmission power. However, it is easily combatted with hygiene, our main form of combat.

Therefore, providing hygiene materials in the office is essential to prevent the spread of coronavirus in your company. Here are some basic rules:


spread alcohol gel dispensers throughout the office;
ensure that everyone with access to the company can wash their hands with soap and water;
ensure the unrestricted use of masks;
measure the temperature of all people who enter the location. Remember
sanitize handrails, door handles, surfaces and floors, especially where there is a greater flow of people.

Increase the frequency of cleaning environments
Some access points to the office can be potential infection sites – such as bathrooms and elevators – and therefore require greater attention.

In bathrooms, increase the frequency of cleaning (especially around toilets, sinks, faucets and cabins). In elevators, clean the doors, internal walls and control panels.