Quality assurance is a quick understanding: “Yes, this is the site that meets my nees at the moment.” Aesthetics, on the other hand, help keep the visitor on a certain page. So do not forget to delve into the essence of the site for various elements. 2. Correct language for the audience Users should not feel lost when visiting a potentially interesting website. Unfortunately, this may be because there is a language on the website that the audience does not understand very well. so thatand unambiguous. 3. No Sliders Sliders, carousels and other elements that work in the horizontal plane are no longer perceive as well as before.

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The current trend is to make pages as “vertical” as possible – to allow mouse scrolling to be primarily responsible for navigation. Or, on the contrary, the thumb, which “carries” horizontal navigation much better, although this is a topic for a slightly Sudan Email List wider, further discussion. However, the sliders mean that some information is not visible at a glance. To get to them, you have to wait a while or make an effort. Such requirements, unfortunately, do not contribute to easy navigation. 4. Minimalism and simplicity In my opinion, a comfortable website is not overloade with unnecessary elements.

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However remember that the words “minimalism” and “bad” are not synonymous. Just because a website gets simpler doesn’t necessarily mean it gets BR Lists worse. Take a look at how Apple creates websites for its products. special, but still very elegant. That is what the point is to say as much as possible with as few forms and means as possible. 5. As few choices as possible In his text on producing price lists, Bartlemy Kilian mentione that it is calle the paradox of choice.