The director of the Psychology and Nutrition Centre of the Cristina Andrades Centre in Lebrija Seville. Explained the existing confusion (not only among patients), the mistaken nutritional treatments that this leads to. And what myths and lines of approach must be followed to offer more effective help to those who suffer from this disorder. “Many people don’t even know what is happening to them,” Andrades said. They are not sure whether their distress is “enough” to warrant seeking psychological help.

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Travel around with other specialists often nutritionists. Who if they do not have specific training in this type of disorder, can end up Phone Number List reinforcing this behaviour or simply transferring it to other compulsive acts. He explained The fact that this eating disorder has been normalised as a “second-level” disorder can be seen both in the. Protocols” and in the “lines of research” on the subject. Anorexia and bulimia seem to be the only or most important ones. As if binge eating did not entail physical consequences digestive pathologies. Or did not have comorbidity with disorders such as self-harm or personality disorders.

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The tendency to associate people with the stigma of obesity. Andrades pointed out. But In fact, focusing on the crux of binge New Zealand Phone Number List eating in obese people often leads to an approach of food restriction. Which often pushes the patient into the so-called “binge eating cycle. Restricting the intake of a series of “forbidden” foods to avoid binge eating leads. The patient behaving in a restrictive way, which “feeds back” to that compulsiveness about said foods.