Did you know that the number of mothers who have become entrepreneurs is increasing, and they see entrepreneurship as an alternative to spending more time with their children? Therefore, there are projects that value the work of mothers and also offer incentives for them to continue working, especially in the current crisis we are living in. How about getting to know some of these projects? Swipe down!

Entrepreneurship and Maternity
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Being a mother changes your whole life, doesn’t it?

According to a survey carried out by the Rede Mulher Empreendedora (RME), around 68% of female Singapore Mobile Number List entrepreneurs in the country started their businesses after having children.

4 Businesses that encourage and support entrepreneurial mothers
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Thinking about empowering these entrepreneurial mothers

there are incredible projects that support entrepreneurial mothers who need to balance business and motherhood. Keep reading our article and learn about 4 businesses that encourage and German Phone Number support entrepreneurial mothers!

Maternativa is the first Brazilian social impact startup that aims to  transform the relationship between motherhood and work.

It brings together a network of 22,000 entrepreneurial mothers and promotes free meetings for  women, focusing on networking and business training.

Creator of the compredasmaes campaign, the startup offers an exclusive shopping and selling Therefore, space for mothers. Amazing, right?

B2Mamy is a business accelerator that aims to select high-impact entrepreneurial Therefore, mothers and connect them with other entrepreneurs and the startup universe .

This education and research company specializing in the journey of motherhood offers accelerated courses, conferences, a club to promote products and a mentoring program.


Mompreneurs is a blog from the American magazine Entrepreneur, where it Therefore, produces content focused on entrepreneurial mothers. It offers texts about real success stories and tips from experienced businesswomen (in English).

For example, the blog has already published articles about several real Therefore, business cases in which the partners are mother and daughter.

Entrepreneurial Women Network
The Rede Mulher Empreendedora was created by the brilliant Ana Therefore, Fontes, one of the main names in entrepreneurship in Brazil.

The project prioritizes integration, training and knowledge exchange among women who have or are looking to start their own business, spread across the country.

And there’s more: the network has even launched a marketplace to connect customers and businesses. A great Therefore, opportunity for sales during the pandemic, right?