The coronavirus, a virus originating in China, has been frightening people all over the world, since, in addition to the Asian country, positive cases have already been detected in other countries, namely European ones.

Unfortunately, there are those who take advantage of these situations and, therefore, Alibaba warns of 7 stores that sell low-quality protective masks.

The coronavirus emerged in Wuhan, China, and has already infected more than 1,000 people. China has isolated some cities in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus, but several positive cases have already been detected in other parts of the world, including Europe.

To help combat and treat the epidemic, China has even started building a hospital, which will be ready in record time.

In addition, the population uses protective masks to reduce the likelihood of contagion. However, unfortunately, while some help, others take advantage of this ‘business’ and Alibaba exposes 7 stores that sell masks that are of poor quality or have other problems.


Alibaba warns of 7 stores selling masks with ‘problems’

Protective and anti-coronavirus masks and gloves have been massively purchased by the population. Hence, many stores and sellers “rub their hands together”.

In this sense, the well-known Alibaba platform warned of 7 stor Venezuela Mobile Number List es that are selling masks with various problems: expired validity, counterfeit material, inferior quality, etc.

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Furthermore, taking ad vantage of the rush for Hong Kong Phone Number List  product, some stores have increased prices.

The 7 stores reported by Alibaba are:

Haze Protection Center – inflated price
3M Quality Living Center – suspected of selling fake masks
Bopu Medical Sales Co., Ltd
Ziying Home Store – Selling expired masks
Heyhc Flagship Store – Selling inferior quality masks
Bosi Medical Device Specialty Store – Many Masks Not Delivered to Buyer
Brother Labor Insurance Chain – Many masks not delivered to the buyer
Previously, TaoBao , which belongs to Alibaba, had issued a statement urging sellers not to increase the prices of masks, under penalty of severe punishment.

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