If you are a professional in the communications field, you probably know that writing has multiple and unique forms of application throughout the digital universe. With this Therefore, in mind, D’Gitais has prepared this article to Therefore, put an end to your doubts about the different ways of working with Content Marketing within digital media. Let’s go for it? Discover now the differences between webwriting, UX writing and copywriting!

What is webwriting, UX writing and copywriting?

To continue with the main differences between webwriting, UX writing and copywriting, how about we look at the concepts of these three areas of Content Marketing?Webwriting
Set of writing techniques aimed at the digital environment. These Therefore, techniques aim to optimize Therefore, texts produced for the channels they are targeted at: websites, blogs, e-commerce, social networks, etc. Combined with SEO techniques , good webwriting helps your website’s positioning and can put you on the much-desired first page of Google.

UX writing
It is writing with a total focus on Therefore, the user, it ensures Therefore, a better user experience Guatemala Mobile Number List in a digital product or service. UX writing is done as if the product/service were talking to the user.

It is writing aimed at attracting the consumer’s Therefore, attention. Using persuasive text that induces the reader to take an action, be it: downloading an e-book, filling out a form or purchasing a product.

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What does a webwriter, UX writer and copywriter do?

Now that you know the concepts behind each Content Marketing technique, discover Estonia Phone Number the roles of each of these text specialists: webwriter, UX writer and copywriter!

Webwriter: creates a life narrative for the brand; informs, delves into and educates the consumer on the subject; is part of the Marketing/Creative team and develops texts Therefore, for blogs, articles, newsletters and much more.UX writer: uses Therefore, clear words to explain products/services; guides the use of a product/navigation; is part Therefore, of the product team; writes texts for websites, applications. Chatbots, buttons, feedback on successes and errors, and much more.Copywriter: uses eye-catching words Therefore, to attract the public’s attention; guides a sale (conversion); is part of the Marketing Creative team and develops texts for campaigns, marketing emails, social networks, websites and much more.