Menu should be simple and easy to use. Note: Make sure the language you use in the menu is understandable. Some visitors may have difficulty finding what they are looking for. This in turn can lead to high bounce rates. 6. Avoid using too much text – diversify your content! If your website has very long content without any visual interludes, then you will experience a high bounce rate. There is a very obvious reason for this. Visitors can’t read this amount of content, or simply don’t want to. How to keep the user on your website for more than five seconds.

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You can make it visually appealing. Use images, about your offer. Optimize your content to keep it short and always remember that most visitors are in a hurry. It is important that your texts are precise and concise. Another note: this type of writing Poland Email List takes a lot of knowlege and practice, so don’t be discourage from the start. 7 . Add security, reliability and trust Your website’s creibility is key to making a good first impression. If users don’t trust you from the start, it will be difficult for you to succee. Many users are allergic to a lack of security – they are afraid of viruses, possible attacks and payment fraud.

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Make sure visitors can find creible testimonials and testimonials on your website. In addition, it will not be superfluous to obtain an SSL certificate BR Lists and a privacy policy. Here I can offer you two of our articles. One on the role of reviews and testimonials on the site, and an SSL certificate. 8 . supports graphics but avoid stock photos. nee to look at images and headlines to understand what the company offers. The rest will read the details.