How to delete a Gmail account from your computer? First let’s see how to delete it from a computer. Whether you use a Mac or a conventional Windows. To do this. I have created one exclusively to delete it later. So you can see step by step how I do it. let’s get started! 1st. Enter the settings of the account to be deleted The first thing you are going to do is enter Google with the account you want to delete and. From there. Access the settings. Doing so is quite simple. 

Data and personalization

Enter Your Google Account top people data Settings Once you click there. A menu will be displayed with several options (including other email profiles that you have active in your browser). Now. Click on the option that says “Manage your Google account” . This way you will be able to access the How to delete a Gmail main settings. From where you will begin the process to completely delete your old email. Manage Your Google Account 2nd. Enter the “Data and personalization” tab Once you are in your Google account settings. You have to go to the tab that says “ Data and personalization ”.

Confirm your password

Which is located in the side BR lists menu on the left side of the screen. Enter the “Data and Personalization” Tab 3rd. Go to the data preferences section Once you are in “Data and personalization”.  You have to go down until you find a section titled “ Download. Delete or create a data plan ”. There, look for the option that says “Delete a service or account” . Click on that option. Download, Delete, or Create a Plan for Your Data 4th. IMPORTANT: Click on “Delete a service” Now. You will go to a screen where you will be given 4 options related to your account data.