both with shares With digital technology, there is no shortage of fraudulent schemes to steal sensitive data and money. Recently, a scheme has started circulating that involves Instagram, where users are asked to log in! But be careful, the Instagram website shown is fake… it is a clone of the real one. Warning: Please note that this Instagram website is FAKE! Wrong link leads to fake Instagram website Several users have complained that they no longer have access to their Instagram.

who is running the scheme

It all happens because they Mexico Mobile Number List receive a link and when they click on it, they are presented with an Instagram page… but the page is not real! By filling in the requested data, it is sent to the person . If you Critics will say that Android has had this option for over 10 years… and they’re right. However, Apple decided to provide another simple way to share network passwords, as we’ve shown here . Later, it created an option in the Shortcuts app that allowed you to share these credentials via QR code, but it wasn’t a “native” app. With iOS 18, things changed.

phone number

New method also works for Android

In the evolution of iOS, Apple has Estonia Phone Number sometimes taken advantage of Android. Although it launches later, it usually releases it with higher quality. Widgets, for example, and the customization of the lock screen, among other examples. Similarly, Android has tried to copy tools such as the Find My app or AirDrop, renamed Quick Share. But this is healthy, it enhances the operating systems.  guests With the new iOS 18, Apple is adding some tools to iOS that exist on Android and that can improve the usability of the iPhone.