They can be use not only to present a small amount of information, but also more. They are excellent for comparing different types of offers, subscriptions and other services, for example. Long ago, content is said to be easily crawlable. The idea is that the internet user should be able to get to the content of the article fairly quickly just by looking back and forth. Tables make this as easy as possible. So check out what to consider when designing tables on the web. websites. Here are 8 tips that you may find useful. Things to consider when creating tables on websites ? 1. Use different colors Let’s start with an example. Look at the screenshot below.

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I must say that the table presente is visually appealing. It is not excessive in terms of the amount of information, and the overall design leaves a Spain Email List pleasing impression.. Colors play an important role here, highlighting certain types of data. Their use makes it easy to separate more important information from less important information. 2. Supply yourself with icons Icons are extremely use on many websites. This is not surprising because with just one picture.

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Our brain associates much faster with shapes and other visual elements than with text, which we have to read carefully to understand its meaning. So you BR Lists could say shortcut. If the table you plan to create will contain data that can easily be replace with icons, or if icons would be a smart addition to it, use them. 3. Select the option Again, let’s use the example: The screenshot above is a sort of price list. Here are three types of invoices that can be create using the service.