The specific assortment and external factors

These may be obvious to you, but they are easy to forget. Without them, however, it will be difficult to achieve the assum goals. How much growth you will achieve – it all depends on the industry, such as the situation on the market, economy and trends. However, we no longer have any influence on this. Piotr Zubrzycki JavaScript in SEO – what to pay special attention to? Q&A after the webinar Shaban Djelili October , You will read in ~ min. Javascript in SEO webinar A large attendance during the webinar is also a lot of interesting questions from participants.

Maximizing The Power Of Social Media

Below are the answers straight from our speaker. . What is big e-commerce? How to evaluate it? Answer This is a very subjective opinion for me, a large e-commerce (from the SEO perspective) is one that has over , subpages (mostly ‘products’ and ‘categories’), which  means that it has a very rich product offer. . How to check if a phone number list given part is not index? Answer For content ( ‘category description’, ‘comments’) just follow the steps outlin in the webinar. In the case of, for example, internal linking, it can be verifi – just like the content in the page code visible by.

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Content Becomes More Interactive And Experiential

GoogleBot or during the analysis of server logs – by verifying whether given URL addresses are visit by GoogleBot. And how do you approach the issue of frameworks relat to JS? I mean, the narrative is being built right now that building pages with JS is weak. But new solutions allow you to implement appropriate solutions that will in fact throw HTML and various necessary issues for bots onto the frontend. For example, comparing CSR with SSR. Answer BR Lists As I said, JS is cool but in a few known cases, GoogleBot had a problem with indexing its content, which caus the page to rank low in Google search.

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