Writing articles for magazines To write reports Using verb tenses in context be covered throughout Vocabulary and grammar Listening and speaking in English Access to the intermediate English course: phrasal verbs and grammar Access the intermediate English course: specialization in phrasal verbs and grammar taught by the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Both registration and participation are completely free. If you wish to obtain a certificate of participation or completion, you must pass the course content and pay the corresponding fee of €46. This way, you will be able to receive an academic certificate from the de. Intermediate English course by the British Council and Santander Learn for Free | Intermediate English course certified by the British Council and Santander Free intermediate English course by the British Council and Santander that is in two phases .

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Results will advance to the second phase. This course is by the British Council, which is a public cultural institute of the United Kingdom whose mission is to spread knowledge of the English language Email List and its culture through training and other educational activities. In addition, this public body plays an important role in improving the foreign relations. You can register until August 29, 2024. Places are to just 8,000 students and the course is into two phases. The first lasts 8 weeks and the second 20 weeks. Who is this British Council and Santander-intermediate English course at? This course is for students with an intermediate level of English who are looking to reach a higher intermediate level.

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In the English language or any other field. This course is at people who want to learn to speak and pronounce English correctly . It can be useful for those who travel to different countries, since it is the most widely Malaysia Email List spoken language in the world. It will also be useful for those who study or work in fields to the English language, such as translation, politics, business or history. No prior knowledge is to take the course. However, you will a computer with a stable Internet connection to access all the course content. The course starts from scratch , but you can quickly advance.