Digitalization and globalization have caused a huge increase in competition in most business sectors.

Nowadays, it no longer matters whether a company is located in China or Argentina, since new technologies allow it to be connected to the entire world.

Because of this, companies need a person who knows how to manage their online community . In other words, they need a professional who works well in the relationship with users and who is also able to build loyalty.

And this is precisely where the figure

of the Community Manager comes into play .

The truth is that this profession has Austria Mobile Number List become more popular year after year . In fact, there are more and more job offers related to this position.

But the reality is that there are still many people who do not know exactly what a Community Manager is and what functions they perform .

That’s why, in this post, we’ll tell you what it is, what its functions are, what the profile of this type of professional is, and what tools they use on a daily basis. In addition, we’ll reveal how much they earn and explain the difference between Social Media Manager and Community Manager ( two professions that are often confused but that actually have nothing to do with each other ).

So if you want to know all the details about this booming profession, keep reading!

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What is a community manager?

What is a community manager
Communities on the Internet are becoming France Phone Number List  more and more complex, and it is therefore necessary for there to be someone capable of managing them. In other words, someone who is responsible for an online community.

The Community Manager is the ideal person to perform this function.

This figure is part of a company’s digital marketing department and is the professional responsible for creating, managing and building loyalty in the online community.

The Community Manager has to build a community committed to the brand, and even get users to become unconditional fans of the brand.

To do this you must:

Detect who your potential customers are and create stable, long-lasting relationships with them.

Manage your existing customer community to build loyalty.

To help you fully understand the definition of Community Manager, we will explain how Manuel Moreno describes this profession in the book “El Gran Libro del Community Manager” :

He responds to comments made on social media, gives voice to the company and, above all, listens to those who talk about it.”

He responds to comments made on social media, gives voice to the company and, above all, listens to those who talk about it.”