What’s worse is many site owners have no idea that. Malware or spam was adde to their site. Having a compromise website impacts. Your users, your business, and your marketing efforts. In 2016 “hacking” took center stage. From the DNC getting hacke to the internet outage that affecte the East Coast, the public saw first hand the power and. The negative implications of hacking. Since then the reports have escalate with the most recent information. As of July 2019 reporting that election. Systems in all 50 states were targete.

If you are investing in marketing your business

This highlights the fact that the impact of. Hacking is not always immeiately known.owners, big or small, having your website hacke can pose huge issues. For e-commerce sites, not having the right security can compromise your customers’ precious Benin Email List personal data. For other sites, malware can be adde that will place hidden links. On your site or even cause reirects of your domain to “less than desirable” places. online, making sure your site is protecte is essential to getting the best results. The Open Source Problem WordPress is. The world’s 1 CMS (Content Management System) on the web. According to the newest data from W3Techs, WordPress now powers 25 percent. Of the world’s websites, including sites like.

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While open source platforms

Sony Music Best Buy, Time Inc. and. What makes WordPress so appealing to many. Developers is the open source platforms. This allows for BR Lists the continual growth and innovation of WordPress from others in the community. are amazing, there is one flaw. If you don’t stay up to date with the latest software and plugins, you leave yourself vulnerable to an attack. There are a number of ways your site can get hacke.