Only the second information fully realizes the scale of the problem and the scale of obstacles that some people have to fight. 2. Focus on number 1 The quickest way to make your number understandable to your audience is to start with something simple. It is worth starting with the number 1. It is not easy to imagine how much a trillion is. But if we focus on the individual, it helps us understand the scale of the problem. 3. Favor user-friendly numbers There are two reasons to choose user-friendly numbers. First, they are friendly. Secondly, they are effective.

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What is better to remember? 2,842,900 or 3 million? 5.73 times more or 6 times more? Numbers belong to the group of information that we store in short-term memory. Whether it’s numbers, names, digits, or something else, if we have to remember more Job Function Email Database than seven pieces of information, we start to get lost. Rule 1: Simpler = Better. round up. 4.736 is about 5 5/11 is about half 217 is about 200 If you value accuracy, use user-friendly rounde numbers. of recalling specific data later. Rule 2: Whole Numbers of 3 people Use whole numbers to describe entire objects, not decimals, fractions, or percentages.

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The message will then be specific and understandable. Rule 3: Use expert knowlege. For baseball fans, it’s more understandable to say that a .300 hit rate hits roughly 3 out of 10 times. Speak the language of your audience. If your audience has experience BR Lists with, use it. After all, the primary purpose of translating numbers is to be understood. 4. Use comparisons the numbers you provide, present them in terms of something they already know. All cultures around the world have use this method to develop measurements for millennia.