Usually this status is given to search engine bots trying to index the site. This happens through the robots file, where we deny access to our website, but this can also be the result of a bad web server configuration. Codes server response – status 404 The 404 – Not Found code says: “I can’t find the information you requeste – it’s likely that it never existe at all.” This is the most common mistake. The 404 code performs a very important function – it informs the client that what he requeste was not found. The 404 error is so common to customize it. We can set the 404 status to reirect customers to the internal search engine.

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When it doesn’t find what they’re looking for. How do we do it? And once again .htaccess comes to the rescue. Create your own unique codes and Malaysia Email List enter them like this: ErrorDocument 400 /error.php ErrorDocument 401 /error.php ErrorDocument 403 /errohp ErrorDocument 404 /error. php ErrorDocument 500 /error.php The 404 code also indicates that search engine bots have hit a dead end and should move to another location. T when such to devote to a website. Answer A 404 is usually not a server error, but the result of trying to connect to outdate links or a simple typo in the URL.

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If your site has a lot of 404 errors, you nee to fix them immeiately. So are you checking your site for presence 404 errors? You can use Screaming Frog or an online scanner like 404 Checker for this. However, if you notice a lot of 404 errors BR Lists from external links that cannot be update, you should consider the 410 error. Server response codes – status 410 Status 410 – Missing (delete). This code is the server’s way of telling the client that: “the information once existe, but it no longer exists.