We create new content each and every. Week to help you get the most out of your digital marketing activities online. Using Browser Extensions. Browser extensions can be very helpful to make our lives a lot easier to collect data and get a better understanding of the websites we’re working with and they’re helpful tools in our everyday lives. We’ve got things like Lighthouse by Google, maybe it’s Tag Assistant, something like here, Replacing Your Cash. Detaile, a New Browser Extention Today, we’re going to be talking about a new browser extension.

How you can leverage it to help

Detaile and this is built for SEOs, people who are doing search engine optimization all the time that want to get more out of their browser extensions and get a quick look at what’s going on, on a specific page. You can get at detaile/extension. We’re going to Bhutan Email List talk a little bit about the features that this extension has and you work smarter and faster. Like I said, once you have it installe, you can just pop this open. It’s going to give you an overview of the title tag, the meta descriptions, is it indexable, what’s the canonical? Available Information It’s going to give you information about your robots’ tags.

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This browser extension over here

Keywords publishers any of the information shows you your htags right here. Images, the links I use see things like your robot’s TXT and your sitemap., you’re going to get a lot of information in literally one click. What’s awesome is you can go in here BR Lists and dive deeper. I can look at all the different headers. Here’s how they’re stacke up and here’s how they’re separate among this site. I can look at all of the different links in the site and the anchor text that are associate with it.