It doesn’t matter on a smartphone, tablet, computer or speaker – voice search is becoming more and more popular and takes an ever larger share of search traffic. In a few years, every business on the Internet will face voice search. Despite the fact that there is no current research on the CIS market on this topic, we can look into the future, to the what awaits us. In 2019, according to research: 58% of users do a voice search at least once a month. 27% – conversion of impressions to clicks. 95% – Voice search accuracy in English.

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Also in most voice assistants, search results are limite to 3-5 links, instead of the usual 10 in search engines. And from the speaker you only hear one option. And no ads. 1185 1 IF YOU ARE ALREADY THINKING ABOUT THE FUTURE – SHARE THE ESSENTIAL STEPS IN VOICE SEARCH OPTIMIZATION: Maps and aggregators. Register and Turkey Email List add your business to Google, Yandex and Apple maps – it is primarily from there that voice search engines retrieve this data. (And for example, the voice assistant Alexa from Amazon generally uses the Yelp aggregator). Website spee. Spee ​​up your website. Every year Google says the same thing – make your website fast. Now the voice search optimization is talking about it. Mobile version of the website.

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Make the right mobile version of the website. in place. Every year, the role of the mobile version of the website becomes more and BR Lists more important. FAQ section. Make sure your website has a question and answer (FAQ) section. He is the one to the user’s voice request. Focus on the questions. Collect low frequency questions starting with “How Where Where and take action – use these questions and keywords on your website.