An unforgettable The company should ensure that it is active in social meia, publishes regularly and is committe to creating consistent, long-term relationships with its recipients. Thanks to social networking sites, potential candidates for employees have a chance to get to know the company better – from a different, looser side. The company has the opportunity to acquire employees who have been customers of the brand for a long time, know it, its services and products and want to be part of the team. Internet activity in the area of ​​employer branding is also the “Career” tab on the company’s website.

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Which will show the atmosphere in the team, introduce the employer and his subordinates. The subpage may contain films with the participation of employees presenting working conditions, recordings photo editor from trips or other integration events, etc. The benefits of external employer branding are: more applications (including those of good quality) in recruitment processes, more applications from people who, despite being rejecte, will be happy to take part in subsequent recruitments, easy job interviews relate to high awareness of candidates, high efficiency of recruitment, expanding the group of customers and contractors and greater trust in the brand.

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What it’s like to work at the company. What to do to ensure that employer branding activities in this area bring the most benefits to the company? Learn how to use different BR Lists types of employee-generate content. Thanks to them, you can improve the message promoting the employer’s brand; – office and workplace – this is the business card of the company. Make sure they reflect her spirit; – benefits – health benefits, membership in sports clubs, company breakfasts – you can safely add your own, original items to this list. These are not the most important benefits, but they can be significant for a candidate who has to choose between two.