It the search engines moved the goal posts, as they are prone to do. What was previously good – using ten keywords per page – suddenly became the height of evil, but using three was “good” and so all the. Arguments about who was good and who wasn’t could start afresh. It was the pot calling the kettle black, and I’m sure the search engines delighted in having the enemy. Warring amongst themselves over such trivial concerns. As far as the search engines were concerned, none of them were desirable, unless they became paying customers, or led paying customers to their door. Then there was all that curious Google+ business. It’s hard to keep up, sometimes. Playing By The Rules There’s nothing wrong with playing by the rules. It would have been nice to think there was a partnership.

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Guidelines, high rankings would naturally follow, the bad actors would be relegated, and everyone would be happy. But this has always been a fiction. A distortion of the environment SEOs were actually operating in. Jason Calacanis, never one to miss an opportunity for controversy. Fired some heat seekers at Google during his WebmasterWorld keynote address recently….. Calacanis UK Phone Number List proceeded to describe Cutts and Google in terms like, “liar,” “evil,” and “a bad partner.” He cautioned the PubCon audience to not trust Google, and said they cooperate with partners until they learn the business and find a way to pick off the profits for themselves. The rant lasted a good five minutes…. He accused Google of doing many of the things SEOs are familiar with, like making abrupt.

Algorithm changes without warning

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They don’t consult, they just do it, and if people’s businesses. Get trashed as a result, then that’s just too bad. Now, if that’s a sting for someone who is already reasonably. Wealthy and successful like Calacanis, just imagine what it feels like for the much smaller web players who are just trying to make a living. The search business is not a pleasant environment where all players BRLists have an input, and then standards, terms and play are generally agreed upon. It’s war. It’s characterized by a massive imbalance of power and wealth, and one party will use it to crush those who it determines stands in its way.