You’ll see a total word count, non-linked word count, linked word count, and total unique words on the. This can be helpful in digging into deep on-page optimization factors as well as your internal link layout on a per page basis: Next, you’ll get a nice breakdown of internal links and the text of those links, the titles, and the words in the url. Also, you can see any links to sub-domains as well as external links (with anchor text and response codes): Each section has a show/hide option where you can see all the data or just a snippet. Another report you get access to is the image checker (accessible from the main report “Check Image Info” option): Here you’ll get.

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Of the files and redirects on the page in addition to the image link, image dimensions, file size, alt text, and a spot to click to view the image: After that section is the link section which shows the actual link, the file type (html, css, etc), status code and a link check (broken, redirect, ok, and so on) Additional Reports The main report referenced at the beginning of this Chile Phone Number List post is the Internal Page Report. There are five additional reports: External Links Internal Redirects External Redirects Internal Errors External Errors External Links This report will show you: HTTP Status Internal links to the external link Actual link URL Link anchor text Where the link was first found on the domain Internal and External Redirects HTTP Status Internal links to the external link Actual link.

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URL redirects to Internal and External Errors HTTP Status Internal links to the external link Actual link URL Link anchor text Give it a Spin It’s free but more importantly it’s quite useful. I find a lot of value in this tool in a variety of ways but mostly with the ability to hone in on your (or your competitor’s) internal site and linking structure. There are certainly a few on-page tools on the marketing but I found this tool easy to use and full of helpful information, especially with internal structure and link data. Try it. 🙂 Google Instant BRLists Answers: Rich Snippets & Poor Webmasters This is a pretty powerful & instructive image in terms of “where search is headed.” It’s a Yahoo! Directory page that was ranking in the Google search results on a Google Android mobile device.