One of the obvious in the context of how to improve the responsive version of a website. On mobile phones and tablets we sometimes read a lot. It is undeniable that they are handy devices for this particular activity. Therefore, everything possible must be done to help users with this. The text on your website only nees to be visible. In some cases, it’s even a good idea to slightly increase the font sizes compare to those found on desktop computers.

This is especially true for more complex

Then the same applies to line height. The text cannot just be “compresse”. There must be the right distance between individual lines so that the text “breathes” and is easy to read. 8. Consider adding a search engine like their desktop Saint Kitts and Nevis Email List counterparts. websites with a lot of content inside. If your site falls into this category, consider providing users with a search engine. If you have a lot of blog content, placing a search form at the top should be a cost-effective move. In this case, you will save time for the users, who will be able to find what they are looking for much faster. Some time ago we also publishe a relevant text on this topic on our blog: search engine on the site – how should it work and look like.

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Buttons should not be forgotten

Adjust the size of the buttons Last but not least, as they say. In the context of how to improve the responsive version of a website,. T the BR Lists most important actions – searching, selecting subpages and even purchasing products. They have thousands of uses. Therefore, the rule is simple – buttons should not only be visible, but also the right size. All this is done so that our finger can comfortably use the button.