Demands trust in the agency or professional; -does not build internal knowledge; -difficulty monitoring production. Simplifying the analysis, the primary benefits of outsourcing your SEO project will be: your company will not need to learn how to do SEO; You will have the support of qualified professionals. But: you will run the risk of the agency or professional not delivering results, because their analysis capacity is limited; there will be no construction of internal knowledge. With these facts in mind, it is possible to summarize the ideal scenarios for your company to choose to place the SEO project in the hands of an agency or specialized professional or not: When to hire an SEO Consultancy.

The context of not hiring would be the

The outsourcing scenario may be interesting if: your company does not want to increase internal costs; there is no time or resources to learn SEO internally; the board and/or decision-makers do not have the capacity to supervise an internal team; you want to reduce the learning curve; the company wants to focus on its core business and not on marketing. When not to hire an SEO Consultancy: The context of not hiring would be the path if: your company has the resources to internalize marketing; you want to build knowledge new data  internally; there is no risk in delaying results ; its core business is secure and there is a structure to diversify internal operations; There is internal know-how to assemble a team and know if it is suitable.

Advantages of internalization Disadvantages

Assessing internalization Assessing internalization In practice, internalization may be in the opposite context to contracting, but its correct application will also depend on the company’s scenario, which may or may not contribute to the success of the project. Advantages of internalization Disadvantages of internalization -construction of internal knowledge; -marketing dedicated to the company; -better timing for execution; -Greater proximity to decision makers. -increase in internal costs; -requirement of minimum internal knowledge to start; -greater learning curve; -risk of stagnation (interference from other projects). Following the hiring¬† BR Lists reasoning, in favor of internalization we have some basic points: your company will have full control of the SEO project; you will build internal know-how regarding this digital marketing tactic.