This email is usually sent days after the first one. For the third email include a discount or special promotion . Make this shipment days after the first approach. The fourth email will be focused on the benefits of your specific brand or service and can be sent days after the discounted email. In this reactivation email you can enter testimonials from satisfied customers to show the recipient the good work you do. Send a fifth send to create a sense of urgency in the recipient. After days after the fourth email tell them that it is the last chance to take advantage of the discount sent some time ago or to purchase that product. The last mail is a final farewell. In this case thank them for the interest shown at the time and invite them to cancel the subscription. Send this email days after the previous one.

How to create email marketing sequences

with MDirector With MDirectors Marketing Automation you can create dynamic and automated scenarios to maintain personalized contact with your customers throughout their purchase cycle. And all without the need for prior technical knowledge. The scenarios can be varied for example welcoming a new user trying to recover an abandoned cart or requesting feedback after a purchase. Heres how you can create your own scenario Log in to Marketing Automation from the home page of your MDirector account Click on the Create Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List Scenario option . In the Scenario Editor set an entry point . Indicate when you want a person to enter them. For example Open an email. Click on a link. Receive a specific email. Receive a specific SMS. Specific date.

It is not mandatory for a scenario to have

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an entry point since it can be started from another scenario. Enter the steps of your scenario and select the action you want to perform among all of these Send an email. Send an SMS. Add contact to a list. Delete a contact from a list. Add tags to a contact. Remove tags from a contact. Add the conditions. They are the ones that will allow you to take one action or another depending on the interaction of the subscriber in relation to the receipt of your emails. To do this you will build the socalled flow tree a series of branches that open up depending BRLists on what is happening. Depending on the action you determine the subscriber or client takes one path or another. You can among other things do the following Define waits for each of the phases. Take a path depending.