The way to add value is to make them completely unique and useful to your visitors. For example, location pages can show the specific directions to one of your offices or store-fronts. You don’t have the “big brand luxury” of ranking local pages that have virtually all of their content behind a paid wall. local blogging – use your blog to connect with local news organizations, charities and industry associations, as well as local bloggers. In addition, blog about your industry; this way, you will get the best of both worlds. adopting structured data – using schema markup, you can increase click-through rates from the SERPs and get a few other SEO benefits. You can use the Schema Creator to save time. adopting “mobile” – everyone knows that local search is increasingly mobile. Mobile websites are not.

A luxury but a necessity

Luckily for you or your clients you don’t have to invest a lot of resources in developing a mobile site. You can use tools such as or to create a fully functional mobile website in hours. Link Building For Brick And Mortar Businesses Links are still important. They are still a foundation of high organic search visibility. They still demand your resources. But a lot has changed – since Penguin. Building links has become a delicate endeavor even Indonesia Phone Number List for local websites. But there is a way to triumph, all you need to do is change how you view local link building. See link building as marketing campaigns that have links as a by-product. What does that mean? It means that your are promoting your business as if Google doesn’t exist. Link and citation building overlap to a certain extent.

They do so in a way that makes

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Good links great citations, especially if they’re structured. Join Business Associations has an enormus amount of algorithmic trust. It’s also an excellent citation. As a bonus – displaying the BBB badge prominently on your website you will likely receive a boost in conversion rates. Similar is true with your local chamber of commerce. Would you join those if Google was not around? You probably would. Join Industry Associations Every industry has associations you or your client can join. You will BRLists get similar benefits to ones one can expect from BBB. However, being a member of trade associations will add an additional layer of value to your business in form of education or certifications. Charity work Every business should give back. Sometimes you will get a link sometimes you will not.