Did you know that people put a lot of text related to their business, branded products, or company in their footer to increase SEO traffic? Yes, it’s common practice these days. But unfortunately it no longer works.

Actually the problem is; This may hurt your ranking according to Google’s algorithm. Although footers don’t seem to improve your SEO, you need to be more strategic and tactical about your website footer links.

You can make your anchor text descriptive or match key search terms that can drive more traffic to your website. Assuming you are creating content for a mobile app development company, we can list some basic terms that will help you increase your domain authority.

Use Viral Words in Your Title

Don’t just think of linking to product pages; you can also link to Whatsapp Data value-added pages like Cornerstone content and resources.
Have you ever thought about what your audience notices first?

This is the title tag. It is the first element of your blog post or article that makes a first impression and draws people to your web page. So try to create an eye-catching and attractive title rather than a boring one.

Headlines and title tags are one of the key elements that can grab the attention of your target audience. There are certain words that attract the attention of leads, and in return, you will get more traffic and your website will rank higher in search results.

Don’t Forget Your Setting Dwell Time on Website

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Whenever anyone searches for a topic on Google, they will see that BR Lists all the titles contain influential words such as comprehensive and detailed guide, best, best, news, etc. So, using these words in your title and meta description will definitely help you increase your search engine results page SERP.

A transparent and intuitive website will be rated much better by Google due to more favorable statistics on Internet users’ activities on the website. Moreover, a properly executed IA project should provide for trouble-free expansion or modification in the future.