“We remain firm in the idea of ​​going public in the coming months and to achieve this we are working hard, providing Redegal with a solid organizational structure and aligning ourselves with top-level technological partners that will allow us to grow as a company both nationally and internationally,” he points out. Jorge Vázquez , President and CEO of Redegal .

 Customer loyalty is something that every business

Maximize the customer experience with the Indigitall Smart Functionality Kit industry email list Paula Del Hoyo Written by Paula Del Hoyo October 3, 2023 at 12:12 SHARE Twitter In today’s digital era, competition in the business world is fierce and customer loyalty is something that every business wishes to possess. To stand out in today’s highly competitive paradigm, companies must deliver exceptional experiences that exceed their customers’ expectations.

The Indigitall Smart Features Kit is a tool

An effective way to achieve this is through the use of advanced tools BR Lists such as Indigitall ‘s Smart Features Kit , which leverage. Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create an outstanding Customer Journey. Optimizing every step from brand discovery to loyalty is crucial to retaining customers and building loyalty. This is where AI comes into play . The Indigitall Smart Features Kit is a tool that uses. The Indigitall platform to drive each stage of the Customer Journey .