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Autohaus Elmshorn” and “May und Olde”, concessionaire businesses for Audi. Wolswagen and BMW cars.Cough ChestIn addition to his life as an entrepreneur, he has also devot himself to political life in Germany for several years, where he holds the position of deputy chairman of the CDU in the Municipality, of the CDU in the District, vice-chairman of the MIT in the District, member of the leadership of the MIT in the Republic as and council member in the Municipality. His biggest dream is to be part of the German Bundestag, a a candidate.

Them into innovative ventures.

Kolë Gjoka thinks that the desire to be part of the creation of development processes has push him to deal with politics in Germany. As for Albanian politics, it is said that it is still in the protract process to reach maturity. Read Josif Grabocka, professor of Artificial Intelligence in Germany When ask about his failures and successes, he gives a very measur whatsapp mobile number list answer: ” Failures and successes are life’s companions. It is important that after every failure you find the strength to get back up. But even after every success you have to stay ground”. He considers self-confidence, support and family support as the key to success.

Whatsapp Mobile Number List

Apacity building in various forms

Believe in yourself, believe in your bilities. Always be yourself and be proud to be Albanian”. This is his message to the youth of his homeland.Innovation Challenge Fund, has open the possibility of application in support of startup enterprises and organizations. The program, support by the European Union, the Swish and German governments. Provides for the support of innovative ideas.The challenge. Fund is a competitive financing institution, which will be us as a tool to companies at an early stage of development, as well as for organizations engag in services for starting innovations and promoting the Albanian BR Lists system of innovation such as start-up businesses and organizations.

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