Moment. I wear size 16 EEEE, so I have a certain amount of expertise on this topic. Do you see Schema as a real chance for small players. Or someth that is a short term carrot before they get beat with the stick? I look at hotel search results like & and I fear that spread as more people format their content in a format that is easy to scrape & displace. For illustration purposes, in the below. Image, the areas in r are clicks that Google is paid for or clicks to fraternal Google pages.) I doubt small players will be able to use Schema as a lifeline but it may keep you in the game long enough to transition into be a brand. The reason I have taken your advice about brands to heart and preach it to my clients is that it is short sight to believe that any of the SEO niche strategies are go.

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PR social, PPC and display. More importantly, however, is that they are go to focus on meet the nes of the user. As oppos to simply convert them dur that visit. To use a baseball analogy, we have spent 15 years keep score of home runs while. The companies that are winn the game have been track walks, sles. Doubles and outs. Schema may deliver Ecuador Phone Number List some short term opportunities for traffic but I don’t think will be sav by the magic of semantic markup. On the other hand, if I were runn an ecommerce store, particularly if I was compet with Amazon, Bestbuy, Walmart and the hand full of giant brands that dominate the product lists in the SERP, I wouldn’t bury my head in the sand and pretend that everyone.

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Anyway. Maybe if you can do it right you can emerge as a winner, at least over the short. And mium term. In that sense SEO is a mov target, where “best practices” depend on. The tim in the marketplace, the site you are apply the strategy. To, and the cost of implementation. Absolutely…but that is only half the story. If you are an entrepreneur who likes to build site bas on a monetization strategy, then it is a mov target where you always have to keep your eyes on the horizon. For most of my clients the name of the game is BRLists actually to focus on try to own your keyword space and take advantage of inertia. That is to say that if you understand the keywords you. Want to target, develop a strategy for them and then go out and be a solid brand, you will eventually win. Most of my clients rank in the top couple of spots for the key terms for their industry with a fairly conservative slow and steady strategy, but I wouldn’t accept a new.