what is the best buyer profile? What is sold, that is, disassemble your product and extract the best benefits from it Which problem, pain point, need or desire does the product solve or fulfill, i.e. why should the customer buy the product? What kind of purchase obstacles does the customer probably have, i.e. which thoughts, assumptions, beliefs and myths are likely to prevent the customer from making a purchase decision? Feedback from other customers (at least 3 but there can be more) Results obtained with the product What kind of stories can you tell about yourself and your customers? , you need these things when you start writing a sales page.

Among other things

Don’t do this With the deep chest voice of almost 10 years of experience, I can say that if new database you try to write a sales page in the dark of night or five hours before the start of the launch, the end result will not be good. So if the launch is just around the corner, do yourself a favor and postpone writing the sales page until after the launch. Or if you already have a sales page through which some sales have come but you would like more, improve the sales page instead of writing a completely new one.  would improve (eg headlines / subheadings, benefits and/or offer).

Take up to three things you

The fewer changes you make, the easier it will be BR Lists later to identify which of the changes improved the results. Time calendaring Calendar yourself with time to do both background work and writing. A sales page is not created in five minutes and not necessarily in fifty minutes. Here’s a good guideline to follow: 15 – 30 min to go through your dream customer (depending entirely on how complete the customer profile description you already have) 15 – 30 min disassembling the product and finding the benefits ( NOTE! If you have a 9-week online training, you don’t need to disassemble the benefits of each week, but those that are related to the biggest problem that the customer wants to solve with your help) 15 – 30 min clarifying the problem, need, benefit or pain point ( how do you crystallize it clearly and simply) 30 – 45 min finding barriers to purchase ( Tip: every question your potential customers ask are barriers to purchase). 

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