Any review of your site’s content should. Reveal whether a particular blog post is. Too short outdate if new information is to be adde which post should be improve has always been the so-calle evergreen is it worth adding a link to this post, for example from a study are the links in the post relevant and necessary, etc. 5. Write down the business objective of each subpage and its content It is not enough to just write something on the blog, the content should be useful and provide some value to the audience. Remember that when working with a copywriter, there should be an agreement that posts should be optimize for SEO in order to be comfortable for both search engines and users.

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Example if your website sells border tours, blog posts about how many residents are in a certain city will not provide your audience with much informational value. People looking for tours first of all want to know what can be seen in a certain city, what Peru Email List places to visit, and so on. All such messages will be properly receive by the reader, leading them to make a valuable decision for your business. 6. Find out who is actually reading your content Again, Google Analytics is your greatest friend and specifically the Recipients Everyone below.

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Do any of the characteristics of your real readers match the information you printe earlier in your customer profile? What is the bounce rate? reader spend on the website? Very important information can be gleane from this sub-section. To BR Lists avoid repetition, I refer you to our Google Analytics category, where you will find dozens of texts. An important part of which keywords are driving users to your website. You won’t find this information in Google Analytics. Visit your Google Search Console profile.