They say the funniest way is to place your 5 fingers around your nose and say: “come out, you’re surrounded!” Nothing could be further from the truth. If you want to achieve this. It is best to combine years of experience with new, more discreet and creative ways. Children are the best for this. But, of course, who can be more creative than a child? Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Now, you don’t need to tell me. You already know how I am. And that is why you know that this post is not about “Dicaprio’s sails to freeze” but rather has to do a lot with Digital Marketing. Specifically, today we are going to see. How to get the process to create a good mockup of a website because. It is something that, in recent days, takes up a large percentage of my time.

The best way to integrate your

Blog into your personal professional life is to talk about what you do. You fancy? What is a Mockup? In general terms, a Mockup is. The same as a model or a prototype, depending on whether it is simply a drawing of the final result (mockup) or a version. With reduced functionality (prototype) that company data allows us to intuit what its real behavior or functions will be. When it comes to web design and development and even more so when.

It comes to work for a client, a mockup is the first step to the satisfactory conclusion of a web project for a client . Ein? Well yes: Allows the client to visualize the final result. Those of us who are immersed in this world have been. Therefore, acquiring the ability to view a website (or a large part of it) without having to have it in front of us. If I tell you something like “the social sharing buttons will go here”, you are able to see them in full color.

How to get You almost already have

Therefore, The photos selected. However, in my experience, most clients do not have. This ability and feel like they are taking a leap of faith when closing a deal. Make the total scope BR Lists of the project clear. Since mockups are made of almost all the pages (or at least each one that is different from the others), the whole makes it clear what the scope of the project is and avoids assumptions that can later lead to uncomfortable (and sometimes costly) situations.

Therefore, both for the client and for us. In this case, if the client detects deficiencies, we are at a point where the budget can be rectified without losing too much. It speeds up the development process (a lot). It is incredible the power. Therefore, that the feeling of progression, of moving forward, gives you. I have proven that better results are achieved when you have a guide for the entire process and you cross out small parts of it, one after another. In this case, the Mockup can serve as a perfect guide.