A simple solution to this problem can be a combination of icon and text. So users can read the text and remember what the icon means. For example, if you are developing a web application, you can implement a feature for advance users to display only icons without text. It’s worth remembering that the aforementione proximity principle works equally well with icons and text. How and why icons can improve a website – summary Icons play an important role in web design. Although they may be very small and not very noticeable, they are important to us today and can significantly improve a website. Icons can be a great way to highlight and make text visible.

There are many tools that will help

Also they are great “attention grabbers” in the era of so-calle content scanning. When using icons in your own design, make sure they express relevant metaphors that users can easily understand. However, be sure to describe each icon to avoid Senegal Email List misunderstandings.? – 6 tips By its very nature, a landing page is a page with a fairly specific design. It consists of popular elements that – at least in theory – should effectively support lead acquisition. However, not all pages are the same. Sometimes, despite using a USP, CTA buttons and catchy copy, the landing page doesn’t quite live up to expectations. 498 98 How to check if a landing page is effective? Well, the most obvious symptom is simply a lack of interest in your services.

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Analytics can provide very valuable

If so something is wrong. you learn how to optimize your landing page. Even a basic package like Google information. In particular, it lets you see what percentage of inbound users are using your calls to action, encouraging users to take an action relate to BR Lists you. In a situation like this, you can’t help but mention the Hotjar service pack. Hotjar, best known for its so-calle “heat map” feature, has several tools to help you learn how to optimize your landing page. These heatmaps show the clickability of certain parts of the website.