How to work from home online, Can you work from home and at the same time earn money by dedicating yourself to what you are passionate about? Based on my personal experience. I can tell you that YES. And there are already many of us who have opted for this new (or perhaps not so new) methodology for working at home. Above all. Thanks to the Internet. In a sector like digital marketing and online business (as is my case). Where its natural environment is on the Internet. This work aspect is even much easier to carry out. Therefore. Below I will give you 12 possible professional activities that.

Freelance Digital Marketing

After adequate training and preparation. You can job function email list dedicate yourself to from wherever you are: 12 Ideas and Professions with which you can work from home thanks to the Internet Although there are surely many more. Here are some of the best activities that you can carry out professionally (without having to physically be in any office or company) and 100% online: 1) Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant This is one of the most recurring professions for professionals who train in the different areas of digital marketing. Given the great demand from companies and businesses.

 Editor or Text Proofreader

That need specialized advice to have a BR lists presence on the Internet. Furthermore, everything related to said advice. Creation and implementation of the marketing strategy to be carried out by the business. You will be able to manage it through the network, maintaining, if necessary. Periodic conversations via Skype or Hangouts . In this way you will be able to clarify all those points or actions that may be somewhat confusing for the person with the person who. Within the company is going to implement this strategy. 2) Copywriter. Editor or Text Proofreader Another of the most in-demand positions on the Internet is that of editor.