Even as we’re doing this for our own clients, it can be a very hard exercise to get right. What I’ve done is I’ve create a master list and as a free asset for you guys. It’s a KPI master list and it’s broken down into a number of different sectors. We have our website metrics here, we have SEO metrics here, we’ve got PPC metrics here, we’ve got content marketing metrics, we’ve got marketing and sales metrics, email marketing, social meia, and PR. Categorize Marketing Strategies What we can do is break down our website or break down our marketing strategies into these different categories. Then we can choose anywhere between three to seven max KPIs to track for that specific area.

The domain authority

Instance if we’re looking at our website and we want to know how well our website is doing, we can pick from these specific metrics and then begin to set some goals around those. We also have this template here. What we do typically when we’re working Belarus Email List with a client or for ourselves is we look at these different websites and then we look at what we want to track. For instance, for a typical website, these are some of the things that we’re looking at. Users sessions, bounce rate pages per session. When it comes to SEO off-page, we’re looking at the number of referring domains,, and the strength of domain. We’re also looking at the CTR.

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We don’t do rank visibility

The click-through rate of that site as well as the impressions. Maybe we are doing some other things like on-page SEO or technical SEO. We can go in and BR Lists pull some of these index pages or pages with schema. Maybe we’re doing ranking. or the improvements and declines in ranking. Over here we also have the tools that we use to track these. This is so we can hook them up to our BI solution. But for this case we’re talking about planning and building this out, so we want to make sure that we have all of these that make sense for us.