Segmentation based on purchase history Keep contact lists clean Take care of your reputation as a sender in your mass mailings Offer attractive and personalized content in your emails Set a suitable sending frequency Run tests to optimize your emails Why send mass emails with an email marketing tool Send mass emails with MDirector . Configure the campaign . Design the email . Pass the spam test . Select the contacts . Schedule the shipment How to send personalized mass emails successfully When sending personalized mass emails it is important to work on the segmentation of the contact list as well as take care of your sender and offer content of differential value among other practices that we present below Segment your contact lists personalized mass email examples.

To send personalized mass emails

You need to analyze your audience. Even if the shipment is on a large scale it is essential to create groups of people with similar characteristics. Take note of the following recommendations to make a good segmentation of your contact list. Its a painstaking job but once its done youll get better results in your campaigns. To make the process easier you can create advanced Azerbaijan Phone Number List segmentation lists with MDirector filtering contacts by variables like product preferences locations or specific needs. . According to demographic data It is about dividing your customers by gender age or location. Depending on the email marketing campaign it can be very useful to use demographic data to send personalized mass emails that reach a successful destination.

Depending on their purchasing behavior

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A simple yet effective way to segment customers is to look at their engagement with past emails. Have they opened or clicked on them By looking at this data you will be able to define. Their level of interest and create a specific shipment for them. Target the consumers who are most likely to respond to the content youre sending. This will help improve your ROI and set a good BRLists context for your campaigns to be more successful.  Consider your position in the conversion funnel Contact segmentation can be done in four ways taking into account the customer profile Customers close to the location of your business . They are those with specific demographic characteristics. New customers who have just started a relationship with your business. An opportunity.