User Experience Guide List of 13 Tips: Use short URLs Short URLs are generally better than long ones. Of course, you should not dwell on this, however, if you have the opportunity to use a shorter address – do so. Both search engine bots and users themselves will thank you for this. Short URLs are just more useful. It’s really easier to use this address: read remember embe (eg on a social networking site) This is why in almost every SEO guide and user experience it is recommende to keep the links as short as possible.

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Short URLs were also one of the sub-items of the notice on Google’s search engine schemes. Increase CTR by optimizing meta tags Meta tags have their own character limits. If you have the opportunity to present to the visitors what the essence of the Kyrgyzstan Email List service is, do it in the best possible way. Title and description is a kind of introduction for people. Therefore,.  for self-promotion, why should you use far fewer characters than allowe? Meta tags should encourage users to log in. Therefore, they can be CTA (call to action) elements. And don’t forget that Google’s search engine highlights phrases that appear both in the search bar and in the list of found pages in bold.

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Optimizing meta tags is part of on-page SEO. Invest in high-quality hosting The site loading spee can be improve in several ways: via script minification via the appropriate file configuration.htaccess with a CDN (like CloudFlare) cache usage combine additional BR Lists resources into a larger file However, all these methods will be useless if you have bad hosting. It is important that you have a high-end server that responds fairly quickly to requests sent to it. Especially watch out for SSD hosting, which works wonders. We use it specifically on this website.