Sports analysis is base on numbers, climatologists refer to them, and marketers wouldn’t know what to do at work if they didn’t analyze them. We use numbers to persuade, to motivate and to bring about change. Nothing works to change beliefs like numbers. But are you sure? Do we really understand the difference between a million and a billion? Suppose you and your friend are taking part in a lottery where you can win several “big” prizes. However, there is one catch: if you win, you must spend $50,000 of your prize money each day until it runs out. You win a million.

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Your friend – a billion. How long will it take to release the winnings? You will run out of money after 20 days, and your friend after e 55 years. Relate C Level Executive List Courses: BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT Business Analyst from A to Z 1 Magdalena Straƛ, Senior Business Analyst Lead, Sii Poland MARKETING AND PR Analytics in marketing 1-Magdalena Wieczorek, Head of Marketing at Schwarzkopf Professional relate directly to human experience, we lose the whole meaning of information.

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It happens that we will do teious work relate to counting, generating data, because we want someone to make a good business decision base on our analyses, but it turns out that all this work may be in vain if our recipients do not understand the numbers from with. Chip Heath, a lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Karla Starr, a science journalist, wrote the book Numbers Matter , a guide to data storytelling with practical tips on so that we can be understood. The book was publishe in 2022 by the MT Biznes publishing house. This is a unique position on the market.