What can help when recording on the phone? Flip the screen so you’re not looking at yourself. The same principle applies to videoconferencing. Look at the camera, at the presentation, or at other people. And when setting up the camera, it is worth remembering about the right height. A camera set too low will make us dominate the screen, and too high – it will turn us into a supplicant, someone who is much lower on many levels. It is best to position the camera at eye level. Effective preparation for an online presentation We can include three elements: creating.

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A preparation of the speech plan; check the technical aspects. 1. Persona The most important thing in online speeches, as well as in the whole specificity of working with a camera, is who we are talking to. On roller skates in social meia, you can feel that Argentina Email List some people speak directly to us, and some very generally, in space, “Hello dears” – who are these love ones? us a man of flesh and blood to whom we direct our words, we usually say something in vain. Unfortunately, the other party then has the feeling that our message is addresse to everyone, but not necessarily to a specific person.

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Which makes the message lose its personal character. So, before going online, it is worth determining who we are talking to, who these people are for us. real BR Lists and personal, we nee to talk to someone we know (even if we don’t see that person). Build a typical persona, just like in marketing or sales. Define who this person is (what he does, how he behaves,) and find him in your environment, and then imagine him during the speech.