Track your email marketing campaign for ecommerce Evaluating the performance of an email marketing campaign is essential to measure. its effectiveness and make improvements if necessary. Here it is important to monitor the data and customer journey. The MDirector platform allows you to know at all times the performance of your campaign. It is important to analyze the user journey from the moment they sign up until the conversion materializes. Thus you will identify possible points for improvement at each stage in order to increase the opening rates . MDirectors advanced reporting system gives you information on the most important metrics. You have to look above all at the opening rates clicks and deliverability An average open rate is around . An acceptable value for the clickthrough rate is between.

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Is the one that exceeds . To get the most out of your strategy perform AB tests to compare various elements of your emails. Also carry out regular analysis to learn about new trends and use this information to improve your future campaigns. Types of emails for ecommerce Online businesses have the opportunity to design and launch various types of emails. Each one has its Spain Phone Number List own characteristics and can be used for different purposes. Below are some types of effective emails for an ecommerce and how to create them newsletter newsletter Newsletters are regular emails that help subscribers stay up to date on news offers and important news about the brand. Difference between newsletters and special campaigns such as sales or festivities. Include valuable content in your mailings.

That is of interest to your subscribers

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Such as tips or product reviews. Use an attractive design to attract the attention of the user. Here are some examples of newsletters to use in your email marketing strategy . Upsell and crosssell email Upsell and crosssell email These emails are sent to offer related or complementary products to those that the customer has previously purchased. Make use of the information you have about previous purchases to offer personalized recommendations. Highlight the positive points and advantages of the related products. Include highly visible BRLists calls to action and direct buy buttons. transactional emails transactional emails This type of email is sent as confirmation of a purchase shipment or other action within the customers purchase process. Take the opportunity to include thank you.