Fast shipping demonstrates the brands commitment to excellence in logistics and customer service. Fast delivery is also a differentiating element compared to other competing brands. And it is that those that are characterized by their speed become the preferred option for customers who value efficiency in delivery. Likewise by offering an immediate delivery service in your emails you will boost the loyalty of current users. So do not hesitate bet on loyalty programs based on fast delivery in your email marketing campaigns in the logistics sector. You can reward loyal customers with special benefits like free shipping. . Bet on interactive content Engagement is of crucial importance in email marketing for logistics. It is time to leave behind closed designs of yesteryear and embrace modernity.

With formats such as video

Which can increase the clickthrough rate of your email by up to according to a study by Martech Advisor. Add those potential elements to nurture the recipients experience with your emails. Menus that can be displayedfolded GIFs sliders etc. With the Drag Drop editor in MDirector you can create a design with differential value without having any knowledge of HTML Turkey Phone Number List or programming. Before sending these interactive emails make sure they can be viewed on any device. . Send abandoned cart emails abandoned cart emails This tactic focuses on sending automated emails to people who have added products to their shopping cart on a fulfillment website but for whatever reason did not complete the checkout process. In this sense automation will allow you to save resources.

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Bf your campaigns. Sending an email to recover abandoned carts is an opportunity to recover sales that would otherwise be lost. And the data shows its effectiveness. In the average clickthrough rate for cart abandonment emails was . according to a Barilliance study. Here too customization plays an important role. In addition to including the item to be recovered it can help to add content and services that the user likes to materialize the sale. In addition it is proof that the brand shows interest in satisfying the specific needs of each client. The importance of email marketing in the logistics sector Email marketing can be the ally you are looking for to strengthen the logistics management of your BRLists company and reinforce its presence on the Internet. Here are some.