Some errors are possible. If this happens, don’t worry – all changes can be undone. 6. Responsive lightbox from dFactory. This plugin allows you to improve and refine the way images on your website appear when enlarge. Some WordPress themes are not equippe with the so-calle lightbox effect, and this plugin adds this feature., combine individual images into galleries, change the appearance of arrows and navigation indicators, etc. etc. The range of options is really huge as there are several different scripts available (including prettyPhoto, SwipeBox or Featherlight). 7. kk Star rating A collection of cool and free.

This plugin is worth showing interest

WordPress plugins should include this plugin. You can see how it works at the bottom of this post. kk Star Ratings gives you the option to rate blog posts. By using appropriate settings, so-calle schema tags are also introduce, which – thanks to Google’s indexing robots – can add “stars” to the pages of your website that appear in search results. in as it makes Oman Email List your site stand out in the SERPs when use correctly. 8.Instagram fee Do you have an Instagram account in addition to your blog? If yes, the Instagram Fee plugin allows you to display the latest photos directly from this service on your website. The main benefits of this plugin include.

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Fully functional easy configuration; view photos not only from one, but also from several Instagram accounts; affects the number of photos BR Lists displaye, their size, margins and much, much more. If you have an Instagram profile linke to your blog, to you. 9. Broken Link Checker. Sometimes typos are allowe when adding a link to a subpage. We’re only human, so mistakes just happen. This is known as the 404 error, which tells users and bot search engines that the address does not contain the desire content.