Why is your own online store more efficient than others’ marketplaces or stores on prom.ua or similar? There are a number of reasons for this: your own product catalog. users who come to your online store do not “go through” other people’s catalogs and products, as in marketplaces. You do not compete with other people’s goods and prices. The entire range presente in the online store is presente by you. In addition, you have the opportunity to group the catalog and sort it according to the principle that suits you. For example – to promote seasonal goods or goods “out of date” in the stock in the top catalog, put down the labels “TOP sales” or “Recommende” to stimulate demand for these goods.

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My own product catalog, it seems to me a pointless waste of money and advertising potential to advertise on Google or Facebook. a direct way to receive payments and organize logistics. As well as integration with internal programs and accounting tools. of Guatemala Email List  unloading, downloading, inventory and calculation of commissions. our own loyalty and discount program. Almost all modern online stores use internal loyalty programs implemente using personal accounts and discounts. For example, one of our customers.

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Who is engage in the manufacture and sale of jewelry offline, has an excellent loyalty program with cashback. Part of the order amount is returne to your personal account in the form of bonuses, which can then be use to get a discount. such BR Lists functionality on someone else’s website in Ukraine. flexible system of discounts and promotions. store, you can independently manage discounts and shares. For example, enter a percentage discount or set a fixe one, run campaigns on certain products or product groups, sort products in the catalog by discounts, discount size or volume.