From initial acquisition to post-sales support, this platform offers innovative solutions to ensure customers have memorable experiences. The power of Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Journey best route This functionality chooses the best customer journey with a more precise and effective approach between a variety of channels or between different campaigns within the same channel. This system is based on applying the route with an optimization of the results.

Particular point in the journey

Thus obtaining the most successful ones category email list to multiply the success of the campaigns. Stock recommender This tool decides what is the most appropriate action at a particular point in the journey, based on the analysis and prediction of behaviors to achieve the most favorable results. Recommends, depending on the campaign, whether it is better to launch the campaign via WhatsApp, push notification.

Best time to publish Choose the optimal time to send

SMS or email. These types of notifications are essential for keeping BR Lists users informed and engaged, as well as driving traffic and conversions. Best time to publish Choose the optimal time to send the campaigns, whether push, email, WhatsApp or SMS. In this way, a magnificent user experience and certainty of views are generated. In addition, you can monitor the effectiveness of marketing actions and adjust them in real time as necessary.