Automation email marketing. strategies for universities. Marketing Automation is the best ally to intervene at key moments in the admission process. Or during the students life cycle . For example by applying automation to your campaign with MDirector you can set up an automatic sequence to send welcome emails to new students reminders about registration deadlines or followup messages after a request for information. Everything to provide a totally personaliz experience to each student. Designs adapt to mobile devices It is already common practice to check the mailbox from a mobile phone or tablet. As reflect in a study by Digital Response of smartphone owners use it to read an email. A compelling reason why your messages are always. Optimiz for effective viewing and navigation.

On smaller screens

Before launching the email marketing campaign to promote ucational services make sure that elements that may appear smaller such as buttons and images are display correctly on mobile devices . Analyze the fundamental KPIs in your campaigns email marketing tips for universities Regularly monitor the basic metrics that determine the course of your strategy. The KPIs that you should Argentina Phone Number List pay close attention to are among others the opening rate clickthrough rate and conversion rate . The MDirector tool panel displays statistics in real time. You can see at all times the status of your campaigns actions and contacts and bas on what you observe make decisions bas on data collect. These metrics are detail by hours and days browsers mobile devices and operating systems.

So that the client adapts his communication

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Strategy to the recipients. In addition the heat map resource reflects the specific. CTA that generates the most interaction. how to do email marketing. For universities Do AB tests With the.  AB test you can identify the elements that provide better performance. By doing it regularly you know what works best and you are continuously optimizing your email marketing for universities. With MDirector you can test two subject lines to see which performs better and gets a higher rate of opens and clicks. You can also do the same by comparing two BRLists different email designs. Examples of email marketing for universities Students and potential members of university institutions are clear they prefer email to receive information about academic programs and degrees.