Personalize the content with purchase details and links to similar products. These emails have to be informative and easy to read. Email with satisfaction survey Email with satisfaction survey It allows you to compile valuable customer opinions to improve the shopping experience and your online commerce. Ask simple questions to encourage the client to participate. Offer inducements such as a discount to motivate a response. Thanks for the participation. Abandoned cart recovery email ecommerce email marketing It is received by the customer who has left products in the basket without finalizing the transaction. Seek to generate a sense of urgency through limited discounts or free shipping. Introduce photos of the abandoned products so that the consumer sees what they left behind. Add the continue shopping.

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Why do email marketing in your ecommerce There are many reasons that invite you to carry out email marketing campaigns for ecommerce. Here are the most relevant It allows segmenting and automating . You can organize your subscriber list according to interests and behaviors and characteristics which allows you to send more effective and personalized messages. In Sweden Phone Number List addition automation facilitates the automatic sending of emails at key moments in the purchase process improving communication with consumers. Low cost and high return on investment ROI . Email marketing requires less investment compared to other marketing actions. According to a DMA study every dollar invested in email marketing generates an average return of.

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Email marketing has an average conversion rate of . compared to . for social media and . for organic search according to Monetate data. Connect and interact with the target audience . You can establish direct communication with your current and potential customers. Share useful content to foster a relationship with your audience. Increase the number of purchases . With welldesigned campaigns you can motivate customers to make more purchases by taking advantage of exclusive offers. Increase average order value . By using techniques such as BRLists crossselling and upselling you can encourage customers to purchase additional products thus increasing the final price of each order. Improve the number of clients . Through email marketing you can reach new market niches and bring new.