The numr of words that our publication contains th cause articles written with more. Than characters drive at least times more traffic and more. Shares than those that contain tween and characters. Meanwhile shorter posts with and characters gain less traffic and less. Backlinks than articles with greater density as shown in the following graph optimal content. Quantity graphs it should taken into account that th does not guarantee greater traffic. When your text longer long texts simply perform tter cause you can delve much deeper into the topic to dcuss.

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With th you have to careful not only to write a long article to meet. The goal but also to provide relevant and substantial information. The lts according to an article publh by the bbc in humans pay more attention to enumerations of things. Th cause mobile app designs service we like to think that we are too busy to read any other type of information that more extensive and the lts seem to less of a burden. To th we must add that the lts are seen as something definitive and punctual which will not extend any further.

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On the other hand when we write an article for seo and it contains at least one lt every words it will have more traffic than articles without ltsVual resources when writing an article for seo we cannot overlook the use of images and videos since they play an important role BR Lists in how the reader perceives and responds to the content. Images let’s look at the following graph of the havior of the images graph of views according to the numr of images as can seen publications that have at least one image receive twice as much traffic compar to those that only contain text.