The benefits of using them They add variety to the content Our eyes like it when they encounter a variety of content. Smaller or larger text, images, division of content into paragraphs – all this means that we cannot get bore when browsing a certain website. Icons, being elements other than text, are part of this variation. When use skillfully, they contribute positively to a website’s appeal. They attract attention by standing out from the background of the text. Icons on websites are multi-colore shapes. They are usually accompanie by text or large, uniformly colore areas. This makes them attractive because they stand out from other elements.

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This aspect can be use successfully on websites by directing users to look at the right places. Despite their small size, they express a lot Some sweets “say more than a thousand words”. This advertising slogan could just as well be use to describe Gibraltar Email List the role of icons. After all, an icon is a pictogram. In contrast, a pictogram is a way of representing an object or concept using graphics – so that words are not use. Pictographic writing breaks down language barriers. switching between languages, the icons usually remain the same – regardless of the language in which they are currently displaye. Everyone understands them.

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Ease of implementation and style Icons on into content. Moreover, you can do it in different ways. We have HTML. Using them directly in the page BR Lists code leads to the display of icons: You can also use the so-calle icon fonts, ready-made sets of icons in the form of fonts. Among the most popular are Font Awesome, IcoMoon or Ionicons. It is always possible to use icons as images – in GIF, PNG or vector SVG format. How to skillfully choose icons for websites.