StartEnd an automation. From an automation you can branch or even finish any other in which the subscriber is. In the following images you can see a real example of a shopping cart recovery scenario. How to make an email marketing sequence with MDirector. This cart recovery sequence consists of two or more emails requesting feback. On a product service or other aspects of your business . If the first mailing does not receive a response after a while another email with the same theme is sent only in this case it may be accompani by an incentive for the recipient. In the case of not obtaining results in this attempt a third email is sent which would be final. Users who do provide information are remov from the list so subsequent emails only go to those who have not yet participat.

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You improve the services you offer and optimize future marketing campaigns. In this case it is important to keep in mind that sending too many emails to users who are not interest in a specific topic can lead to unsubscription . Be persevering but respectful. Best practices for creating your email sequences email marketing sequence examples When creating an automat Bulgaria Phone Number List email sequence it is essential that you follow these guidelines to maximize the performance of your email marketing campaigns Make a good segmentation . You have to identify who your client is what they ne what their interests are or what stage of the funnel they are in. Have your goals well defin. And although the main purpose is to increase sales in your online.

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Have to be direct sales. Earn their trust in a natural way to lead them towards your. Product or service by showing your most human side. You can also use a sequence of postsales emails . Establish an appropriate sending frequency so as not to overwhelm the consumer and avoid being label as SPAM. Use a guarante email marketing service provider such as MDirector whose tool has the option of doing antispam tests on your mailings. To schule these email sequences set up a series of rules that respond to specific user behaviors BRLists that trigger certain responses to schule these email sequences. Ensures the coherence of shipments depending on each client and the moment of the funnel in which they are. In short establishing an email marketing.